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Reflections on the 49th Archdiocese Convention

The Order experienced a successful week with 23 inductions/upgrades, including 5 Life Members, 5 Commanders and 13 Knights/Dames. It was a positive experience for all who attended.  Those who were present enjoyed a beautiful reception and dinner chaired by Sandra Love from St. Michael in Van Nuys, our host parish. Her selection for decoration and menu were wonderful.

Dan Abraham introduced The Order DVD, “The Miracle of The Order,” produced by Joey Wihbey.  It was well received and we hope to distribute it soon.  We were visited at our meeting on Tuesday by the teens attending the convention for leadership training.  They came to express their thanks for all the Order has provided and will continue to provide for their benefit.  They presented Dan and Kathy Abraham with SOYO Anniversary tee shirts.

The Spiritual Advisors met on Wednesday, with discussion on contribution by our advisors to articles for The Word magazine.

The Order hosted guest speaker, Metropolitan NIKITAS on Thursday and Friday evening following Vespers.  His Eminence did not repeat his talk each night, but divided his talk into two parts so that those who attended both nights heard a different message.

I want to end my message by thanking all our members for their commitment to The Order.  It is often recognized that this organization cannot exist without our faithful members, but would not exist at all without our tireless and dedicated volunteers.  My sincere thanks to you all.  God bless you and your families in every way.

Click here for Judy Braun's online photo albums from the July 2009 Archdiocese Convention in Palm Desert, CA.