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DOWAMA Procedural Documents Online

Bishop BASIL wites:

As is my practice at the start of each Church Year, I have attached hereto IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS which you are asked to download, share with your appropriate parish officers, members and employees, and then file for future reference.  These document are available at Included are:

        a - Archdiocesan Guidelines & Procedures Concerning Clergy Sexual Misconduct

        b - Rules & Procedures Concerning the Archdiocesan Spiritual Court

        c - The Archpastoral Directive Concerning the Time of Church School

        d - Guidelines Concerning a Visitation by a Bishop

        e - Guidelines Concerning Commemorations During Divine Services

        f - Updated Necrology of DOWAMA Clergy and Clergy Wives

        g - Rubrics for Hierarchical Divine Liturgy and Ordinations

        h - The Order for Installing a Parish Council

        i - DOWAMA Policy Concerning Clergy Reimbursements & Honoraria

        j - DOWAMA Policy Concerning Clergy Vacations & Absences

        k - DOWAMA Policy Concerning Attached Clergy

        l - DOWAMA Policy Concerning Successive Marriages

        m - Procedures at the Death of a Clergyman

        n - Archdiocesan Two-Signature Policy and Other Financial Matters

        o - A recent article entitled "A Financial Pandemic is Sweeping the Country"