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A Letter from the Mathewes-Greens on Seminarian Placement

An email that was sent to the Archdiocese office in late August from Fr. Gregory Matthewes-Green and Khourieh Frederica regarding their son Stephen:

We wanted to communicate to His Eminence and everyone there that the negative comments and speculations appearing on the internet do not represent our thoughts and feelings. Personal attacks on His Eminence are especially dismaying to us. While the instruction to our son to move to Holy Cross initially came as a shock, we fully accept it and believe that God will work through it for the best. In fact, we are already seeing many good things come out of it.

Please convey to everyone there our greetings in Christ, as we ask for your continued prayers. The midwife says the baby should be born in the next couple of days.

In Christ,

Fr. Gregory and Kh. Frederica Mathewes-Green