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Announcing The Chrysostom Bible from OCABS Press

This summer, the Orthodox Center for the Advancement of Biblical Studies has launched The Chrysostom Bible, a new biblical commentary series for preaching and teaching. "The Chrysostom Bible," writes series editor, Fr. Paul Tarazi, "is not so much in honor of John Chrysostom as it is to continue and promote his legacy as an interpreter of the biblical texts for preaching and teaching God's congregation."

In the first volume of the series, Genesis: A Commentary, Fr. Tarazi explains that Genesis sets the tone, defines the vocabulary, and introduces the plot of the biblical story. "In a sense," he writes, "[Genesis is] the institutional or constitutional scriptural book...first and foremost a literary story that has a beginning and an end beyond which one may not venture backward nor creatively push forward."

Additional volumes in the series will be released later this year, including commentaries on Philippians and Romans. Genesis: A Commentary is available now in paperback and eBook through OCABS Press.  For news and information on the availability of other titles, please visit