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A First: The Convent of Saint Thekla Celebrates the Feast of Saint Thekla

After Sunday Liturgy, His Grace Bishop JOSEPH with Father Anthony Yazge, Mother Alexandra, Mother Miriamne and Father George AlbertsAfter Sunday Liturgy, His Grace Bishop JOSEPH with Father Anthony Yazge, Mother Alexandra, Mother Miriamne and Father George AlbertsOn September 24, 2009, His Grace Bishop THOMAS, led the Convent and many clergy, present at the Village for a clergy retreat, in celebration of Festal Vespers the evening prior, and Orthos and Divine Liturgy on the Feast at the Saint Peter and Paul Chapel.  His Grace was also able to be with us for the beginning of Pilgrimage.  We thank him for presiding at the Liturgy and for being with us.  Many years, Master!

During the September 25-27 weekend, the Convent celebrated the Saint Thekla Pilgrimage.  His Grace, Bishop JOSEPH, arrived on Friday for the Pilgrimage celebration which included daily Vespers, Orthros, and Divine Liturgy.  We thank all of the clergy and chanters who served.  After the Liturgy on Saturday morning, all processed to the Shrine of Saint Thekla where His Grace led us in a Supplication Service to Saint Thekla.  Later in the day, His Grace presided at an Unction Service.  Over the course of the Pilgrimage, His Grace presented three spiritually uplifting homilies on our theme, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” and led an “Ask Sayedna” panel. 

More pictures can be found at, and soon Sayedna’s homilies will be available by podcast.  The Convent and all of us at the Village are very grateful to His Grace, Bishop JOSEPH, for his preparation, presence, and the blessings he bestowed on us.  Many years, Master!

In addition to the services and homilies, on Friday evening, we began with a viewing of the movie “Yours, Mine, and Ours,” followed by a discussion on family led by Father Anthony Yazge.  On Saturday afternoon, there were four concurrent discussions offered: “Dedicating your house as something holy to the Lord: Lives of Saintly Families” led by Father Gregory Long and Father Jason DelVitto,  “Dragging the Faith Home:  Making God Real in the Orthodox Home” led by Father Don Shadid, Father Stephen Lourie, and Father Fred Pfeil,  “When it all goes wrong: Living the Faith in the Midst of Family Crisis” led by Father John Abadalah and Mother Alexandra, and “The Shack: Encountering God” led by Father John Nosal.  There was also a children’s workshop for ages 5+ led by Barli Brown.  We thank the leaders of these sessions.

All of us at the Village delighted in hosting the Saint Thekla Pilgrims who travelled from several states; and the memory of our joyful worship and fellowship will remain with us.  The nuns will especially pray that you and your houses will continue serve the Lord!