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Report from the DOWAMA SOYO Basketball Tournament

The gymnasium at St. Elijah in Oklahoma City was bouncing with activity as more than 150 teens and advisers gathered for the third annual DOWAMA SOYO Basketball Tournament. SOYO members traveled from El Paso, Houston, Denver, Wichita, Omaha and everywhere in between to attend this wonderful event and retreat.

Fr. Michael Nasser served as the retreat speaker for the weekend. He talked with the teens about "Maintaining Faith in Chaos." Everyone in attendance was enlightened by his words of wisdom on how we can make our lives more focused on Christ while living in a world with many distractions.

When Fr. Michael wasn't teaching, things were heating up in the gym as all the churches went head to head in 4-on-4 basketball games. Twelve teams participated in the tournament, but only one could walk away with the trophy. After intense battles in the final four and championship games, St. George, Houston, walked away with their second consecutive title.

Congratulations to the teens from Houston and everyone who played in the tournament. It's time to start practicing for next year!