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Bishop BASIL Missions Endowment Fund

Each year during the Nativity season, all congregations in the Diocese of Wichita are requested to solicit contributions from all of their individual parishioners and parochial organizations for this worthy endeavor, which provides assistance to mission priests throughout the Diocese.

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Every year we have the opportunity to celebrate the feast of St. Basil the Great and honor our own Bishop BASIL by donating to the Bishop BASIL Missions Endowment Fund.

It began in 1975 when the Southwest Region (name at that time) wanted to increase awareness of the need for mission work in the Region. At that time, the Southwest Region consisted of only 8 communities (our Diocese now numbers 51 congregations). Pledges were made to the "Missions Fund", and in 1977 Father Michael Wellborn was partially funded by the Region and assigned to the Region's first mission, Three Hierarchs in New Orleans, Louisiana (renamed St. Basil and relocated to Metairie, Louisiana). In 1978 a "Region Missions Blitz Weekend" was held in Dallas, Texas, resulting in the founding that very weekend of the Region's second mission, Ss. Constantine and Helen in Dallas. The Region also helped fund their first priest, Father Anthony Nelson. Over the years, the Region has funded many missions and helped fund their priests.

With the election to the sacred episcopacy in May, 1991, of Archimandrite Basil Essey, and his consecration as bishop in May, 1992, the Southwest Region (now DOWAMA) established the "Bishop BASIL Missions Endowment Fund" in his honor to augment financial support of our missionary efforts. We will again celebrate Bishop BASIL's name's day on January 1st, 2010, and you have the opportunity to honor him and support our missions by donating to the fund.

Please make your check payable to your local parish earmarked "BB Name's Day".