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Latest Message from Hauran

Bishop BASIL writes:

In early November 2009, a donation of $9,000.00 was sent as a gift from DOWAMA to METROPOLITAN SABA for the benefit of projects in our "sister diocese" of Bosra-Hauran in southern Syria. These funds were raised by our Diocese's fifty-one parishes and missions during our 2009 "St. Timon Sunday" observances. In response, His Eminence sends the following note to us:

"Dearest Sayyidna Basil, beloved brother: Christ is in our midst! Thank you very much for the $9,000.00 sent to my Archdiocese as yet another gift from the clergy and people of your Diocese. Sayyidna, really I do not how to express my thanks. I received your help at very crucial time. I was building a new floor atop the St. Paul Student Hostel (where you stayed when you visited me last June), but the project cost more than we expected because we had to install a limestone ceiling. So I was looking for some friends from whom the Archdiocese could borrow the funds needed to complete the project. Your help came at the very best possible time! This year I am accommodating 102 female and 9 male university students at the St. Paul Hostel here on the grounds of our Archbishopric in the city of Al-Sweda and so had no place to host friends, visitors, pilgrims and parish groups that come for retreats. So I had to finish the new floor quickly. Thanks be to God, the Hostel is now ready to host our guests. The new floor contains thirteen bedrooms: one single, ten doubles and three triples. It can also be enlarged as is it becomes necessary. I will send you some pictures when the furnishings are all installed. Father Paul the Monk arrived in Al-Sweda in time for the feast of St. Saba. Forgive me. In Christ, +Saba of Bosra Hauran"