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OCMC Agape Grants to Assist the Ministries in Seven Countries in 2010

Kosovo CampKosovo CampThe love that Christ's disciples show for others has served as a living witness to the faith, inspiring countless numbers of people to come into the Body of Christ. For over 20 years, the Agape Canister Program of the Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC), through its support of philanthropic ministries such as orphanages, feeding programs, and healthcare programs, has helped the Church to meet the needs of children, families, and communities in a loving witness to the Orthodox faith in mission countries. The OCMC is excited to announce the ministries that will be receiving support from the Agape Canister Program in 2010.

This year, Agape funds will assist 10 projects in 7 countries: a Youth Camp and the Fellowship of Love Soup Kitchen in Albania; the Protection of the Theotokos Family Center, the St. Dimitrie Program, and a Youth Camp in Romania; the St. Thomas House Orphanage in Indonesia; a feeding ministry in Kenya; Youth Day Camps in Kosovo; medical supplies in Uganda; and a Youth Camp in Guatemala. All of these projects will be administered by OCMC missionaries, mission priests, and mission teams during 2010 with the blessing, and under the guidance, of each country's respective hierarch.

There are over 200 active Agape Canister Partners overseeing approximately 1000 plastic Agape canisters placed in offices, restaurants, parishes, and businesses throughout the United States and Canada. These canisters raise an average of $129,000.00 per year for philanthropic ministries like those listed above. New Agape partners willing to take responsibility for one or more canisters in their community are always needed. This is especially true right now as the past two years have seen decreasing revenues which has limited the ability to distribute grants to both new and renewing Agape projects. To find out more information about this vital aspect of international Orthodox missions and/or to become involved in the Agape Canister Program, call 1-800-GO-FORTH or email