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John Maddex Discusses Conciliar Press Move

Recently, caught up with busy Conciliar Media Ministries CEO John Maddex, to get his perspective on the recent Conciliar warehouse move to the Chicago area.

1.  Over the holidays, Conciliar Press moved to a new warehouse location. Tell us first of all, where you are now, and how things are coming along as you resettle your books into a new space.

Maddex:  We have relocated to the Chicago area using the services of a professional fulfillment center which serves dozens of publishers.  We began filling orders from the new location on January 4 and officially shut down operations in Ben Lomond, CA on January 15.  I want to add here that our faithful staff in Ben Lomond worked valiantly with wonderful attitudes to help prepare for the transition all the way to the last day when the truck left for Illinois. They are a wonderful group of people.

2.  Can you give us a little background as to why Conciliar decided to relocate?

Maddex:  As part of our long term strategy for streamlining and efficiency, it made sense to get out of the fulfillment business and allow a service who does nothing but fulfillment to better serve our customers.  This translates into longer hours, savings from the economy of scale on things like packaging materials, picking and packing, large scale relationships with the major shipping companies and a more centralized part of the country to ship to and from.

3.  Where are your administrative and editorial offices located now?

Maddex:  We are actually a virtual company now with my office in Chesterton, IN along with our new Business Manager Nick Katich, Production Manager Carla Zell in Modesto, Marketing Director Matt Dorning in the Kansas City area, Acquisitions Editor Katherine Hyde in Ben Lomond, and Web Manager Fr. John Schroedel in Kona, HI!  Our Ancient Faith Radio staff is in Chesterton and Mokena, IL. 

4.  What are the board's plans and priorities as you move into this next phase of ministry?

Maddex:  We want to continue to develop the combined tools of publishing, radio, and the internet to help bring the Ancient Faith to the Modern World.  We are seeing the impact of our podcasters becoming some of our authors for Conciliar Press (and vice versa) with names like Fr. Joseph Huneycutt, Molly Sabourin, Fr. Tom Hopko, Fr. John Oliver, Fr. Pat Reardon, Frederica Mathewes-Green, Fr. Lawrence Farley, Fr. Meletios Webber,  Matthew Gallatin, and Dr. Chrissi Hart.  More books are planned with podcasters like Fr. Stephen Freeman. 

In addition, we are seeing our books become available in digital formats for new reading devices like the Kindle.  Also audio books with the first one coming soon now that Fr. Peter Gillquist has finished recording his best selling book -  Becoming Orthodox.  There are plans to re-introduce periodicals taking advantage of on line technology, and we will also introduce some exciting new authors on a variety of topics.

At Ancient Faith Radio, we continue to see new podcasts and documentaries become available with one of the newest called Glory to Thee: A Chanter's Workshop with Dr. Stephen Kouri.  Dr. Kouri  gives an actual chanting workshop teaching listeners the 8 tones of Byzantine chant.  We also have our first AFR Family Conference planned at Antiochian Village on June 4 - 6 with speakers including Fr. Tom Hopko, Fr. Tom Soroka, Chrissi Hart, Molly Sabourin and Bobby Maddex. We thank God for the privilege of making these resources available and we are convinced the best days are ahead for Conciliar Media Ministries.