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AFR and Jason Barker Produce WORSHIP & YOU

WORSHIP & YOU, the new multimedia study for Orthodox Christian adults and teens from Jason Barker and Ancient Faith Radio, aims to help Christians deepen their worship of God, and take the transforming power of that experience into their daily lives.

Focusing on the main services of the Orthodox Church and personal prayer, Worship & You looks at the meaning of what takes place during liturgical worship, and how this applies outside of the church in the everyday world.

Participants can download study guides as well as discussion guides with questions; these free resources will be available in two versions: one for adults, and another for teens. Those interested in supplementing the material can also download the related episodes of either the Worship & You podcast (for adults) or re/CALL podcast (for teens).

The podcasts and study material are written by Jason Barker, who also creates numerous studies, podcasts and resources for AFR, the Department of Youth Ministry of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America, the Orthodox Christian Network,  and other Orthodox groups.