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St. Gerasimos of the Jordan

St. Gerasimos of the Jordan

Commemorated March 4

Troparion of St. Gerasimos, Tone 1

Thou didst shine as a desert dweller, a summit of ascetics and a reflection of the angelic life; thou wast made radiant with the light of the Spirit, O Gerasimos, adornment of the righteous. Therefore thou healest unfailingly those who cry: Glory to Him Who has strengthened thee; glory to Him Who has crowned thee; glory to Him Who through thee works healings for all.

Kontakion of St. Gerasimos, Tone 4

Aflame with heavenly love thou didst prefer the desert's hardship to all the pleasures of the world. Wherefore a wild creature served thee and became obedient till death. God glorified thee with signs and miracles: in thy prayers remember us also, O Godbearing Father Gerasimos.