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Register for Spring Session of St. John Chrysostom Academy in Cicero, IL

St. John Chrysostom Academy
Reverend Father Fouad Saba, Director

The St. John Chrysostom Academy is an Adult Lay Educational Ministry of the Fellowship of St. John the Divine at St. George Church, Cicero, IL

The Book of Genesis
April 16-June 4, 2010

This course will explore The Book of Genesis within the overall structure of the Pentateuch (Torah) and the Bible as a whole. The Book of Genesis, the first book in the Bible, in which the story of the relationship of God and man begins, defines the rest of scripture through vocabulary, narrative and structure.

Faculty: Fr. Fouad Saba

Tuition is $30.00 per semester course.

Spring 2010 Registration Form (PDF)

Please complete form and submit with payment to Registrar at St. George Church.