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OCN Posts Colorful OCMC Mission Team Kenya Blog

Fr. Martin Ritsi, Executive Director of OCMC, recently led a mission team to Kenya, and readers can follow their adventures and see the colorful photos of the trip, at

A typical blog entry reads:

Day 3

Ma da ni Christoi! (Greetings in Christ) – these were the words that began a day for which the members the 2010 OCMC Mission Team to Kenya had spent months preparing. Finally, after days of travel we were able to share the message of love, hope, and fellowship that we had journeyed thousands of miles to deliver. In 99 degree heat, under a shade tree on the bank of a dry river we shared Christ with our Turkana brothers and sisters. Through the skillful translation of a Turkana interpreter (which on this day included Fr. Vladimir, Fr. Makarios, Fr. Zachariah, and the catechist Anthony) Fr. Martin offered words of thanks and greetings. This was followed by a presentation by Fr. Vladimir Aleandro about Christ’s love for us and the importance of prayer. The theme of prayer was carried on by Matushka Susan Aleandro in her time with the women. Stephanos Ritsi also shared with the women the importance of love in the Christian life by reflecting on his own personal journey of faith. Fr. Martin and Chris Zaferes spent time with the men discussing Christ and scripture while Alexandria Polychronopoulos and Nicholas Tzetsis taught the children by telling stories, coloring pictures of icons, and showing them how to make crosses out of popsicle sticks and thread. Following a common meal with the people Alex Goodwin offered a few brief words on the Creed. Song and dance was woven into the fabric of the day. We even felt the sprinkle of rain during our sessions. We thank God for this profound blessing and for the time we spent with our new friends. Tomorrow we will celebrate the Liturgy and continue our program with the same people. We know that you are with us in prayer. Please know that we, and the people of Turkana, are with you also.