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Support Orthodox Media through OCN's Share the Light Sunday

Share the Light Sunday was designated by our SCOBA hierarchs to be on January 17, 2010. Due to the Haitian Earthquake, response was extremely low. Please make every effort to support the SCOBA agency, Orthodox Christian Network, the media ministry of the Orthodox church.  For a Share the Light Sunday package, click here.

Kathy Chapekis writes:

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Allow me to share my Pascha story with you... After the Holy Unction service, which is attended by hundreds of people, God made my path cross with a young man named Frederick, who was obviously a visitor to our church.  As I greeted him, he told me that he was a student at Florida Atlantic University with a major in Public Administration, specifically non-profit organizations.  I immediately told him that we can always use help at the Orthodox Christian Network.  Before long, in hopes for a summer internship, we scheduled him to come for an interview with Father Chris.  During the interview, we learned that he was raised in various different religions and that he learned about Orthodox Christianity while doing research through the Internet!  He has become so interested in the Orthodox Christian faith that he plans to be chrismated soon and hopes to someday become a priest!  See how Christ works in our lives when we do what He commands us to do in outreach?  Look forward to hearing from Frederick this summer!

This anecdote is living proof that all Orthodox Christians must join together to make our media outreach ministry as professional and as strong as possible.  It is our presentation in the media that reflects to others who we are and what we stand for.  The OCN is here to serve your parish and to help grow your community...whether it be materials for outreach, training on parish Internet radio stations, or our Internet radio programming.  Obviously, we can only be as strong as our funding.  So, please make every effort to help us achieve our goals.  With God's blessings, our Share the Light Sunday program has currently raised $20,705.  This year, our goal and hope is to surpass $100,000. More importantly, we want to achieve 100% parish is too small to donate.  Click here to see if your church is on the list, if not, please schedule your Share the Light Sunday (click here) as soon as possible and send your collection to Orthodox Christian Network, PO Box 4690, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33338.  I plan to share our progress towards 100% participation throughout the year.

Remember, proceeds sent in can be applied towards your own Parish Internet Radio Station.  Call us at 954-522-5567 for details.

As I already mentioned, part of our efforts are to increase awareness about the Orthodox Christian Network and the Orthodox faith.  We have also designed a simple business card handout for festivals. These cards can be reproduced very inexpensively at the site....    Our graphic designer is also in the progress of designing a brochure hand out.  I will post that as soon as it becomes available.

On behalf of Father Christopher Metropulos and the entire staff at the Orthodox Christian Network, we thank you for your past and continued support.

Christos Anesti,

You have the option of just sending any amount collected on that day

1 - directly to us at Orthodox Christian Network PO Box 4690 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33338


2 - you can explore the possibility of establishing an Internet radio station on your church web site. The money that you collect for Share the Light Sunday towards paying for this.

This year, the Ark or the Rudder on you own web site will cost $2,000. Another option, is the opportunity to have a custom Internet radio station. The cost is $4,500 for the first year and $3,000 after that.  It is more expensive the first year because the fee includes a week of training and set up. Once this is complete, your webmaster can work with you or a technical person in your community, to do the weekly programming. This programming would include music and pod casts of your choice from the OCN library of over 10,000 selections. Plus, you can do your own recordings with the equipment that comes with the package. These recordings can include your sermons, your choir, your Sunday School children and other church organizations and committees. To pay for programming, you can also do sponsored advertising.  The whole world can access your Internet radio station from your church web site. People can even download your radio program to their own IPods so that they can listen to it wherever they go. This is a great way to outreach and grow your community!

Feel free to call me anytime to discuss these opportunities (954-522-5567). I would be willing to make a trip to speak with your community and parish council. All you have to do is call me for an appointment. In the meantime, you can go to to see the work of the Orthodox Christian Network.

In Christ's Service,
Kathy Chapekis - Orthodox Christian Network