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Ss. Boris and Gleb

Ss. Boris and Gleb

Commemorated May 2

Troparion of Ss. Boris and Gleb, Tone 2

O Passion-bearers and fulfillers of the Gospel of Christ, chaste Boris and guileless Gleb: you did not oppose the attacks of the enemy, your brother, when he killed your bodies but could not touch your souls. Let him therefore mourn while you rejoice with the Angels standing before the Holy Trinity. Pray that those who honour your memory may find grace with God and that all Orthodox people may be saved.

Kontakion of Ss. Boris and Gleb, Tone 3

Today your memory shines forth, noble sufferers, and summons us to glorify Christ our God. Those who come to the shrine of your relics receive healing through your prayers, for you are holy physicians.