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DOWAMA Parishes Escape Tornado Damage

Bishop BASIL writes:

Dear to Christ, Father and Brothers: Christ is risen!

Although last night's tornadoes killed two persons in Oklahoma City and three in nearby Cleveland County (of which Norman is the largest city), all of our communities in that area were spared injury and damage:  

1 - Khouriya Sharon Nasr and Kay Lehman, secretary at ST ELIJAH/OKLAHOMA CITY, said that all in the congregation are safe and sound as are the parish facilities.  

2 - Father Mark Wallace of ST ANDREW/OKLAHOMA CITY reports that his community suffered no injury or damage.  

3 - I also got a text message from Father Justin McFeeters of HOLY ASCENSION/NORMAN which reads: "Just a quick note to tell you that after a Holy Ascension head-count we're OK in Norman. Headed out to the new building to see how things are there. God is good!"  

Thankfully our two other congregations in Oklahoma ST JAMES/STILLWATER and ST ANTONY/TULSA were not in the path of the tornadoes. Glory to God for all things!