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Journey To Orthodoxy Website Launches

Journey to Orthodoxy

Journey To Orthodoxy announces the launch of a new, content rich website for inquirers, newcomers and those looking into the Orthodox faith.

The launch of a new website at, fills a void in online material for inquirers and those struggling to find and enter the Orthodox Church.

“A lot of thought, research and time went into making it easy to use and filling this site with rich content, especially for the newcomer to our Orthodox faith,” said Fr. John A. Peck, designer and president of Journey To Orthodoxy.

This website is rich with content, notably a multitude of conversion stories by converts to the Orthodox faith from a multitude of traditions.

 “For the inquirer, the journey home to the Orthodox faith can seem a lonely journey at first, but they will soon know that the path to Orthodoxy is a well worn road, and that there are many before them who can help,” Peck said.

“We’re hoping that it will quickly become into the ‘go-to’ site for inquirers and catechumens,” said Fr. Hans Jacobse, a partner in the creation of JTO. “We are confident that people will find the Journey To Orthodoxy website to be inspiring, and navigating the site a good experience, and the articles rich and rewarding to read.”

Parishes can benefit from the Journey To Orthodoxy site as well. There are graphic links for JTO which webmasters can use, and the entire experience points towards contacting the local Orthodox Christian parish.

“The JTO site will be valuable to clergy and parishes as well, so we have included a Webmaster Resources page, and a Parish Finder Map which we plan to keep continuously updated,” Peck said.

For clergyman from heterodox traditions, there is a special section on clergy conversions, to inspire and to assuage the anxiety that comes with leaving one’s faith tradition for the Orthodox faith.

The site will also include interviews, and eventually contain a list of local contacts in every state for those desiring an immediate local contact for further direction and discussion. Those interested in qualifying as local contacts should contact Fr. Peck.

Fr. John A. Peck