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November 2009 Newsletter: An Orthodox Response to Nominalism

Dear Friend of St. Athanasius Academy:

Nominalism is a way of thinking, a view point, that dominates Western thought. But more, it is a paradigm shift from what the Apostles preached, the Bible speaks, and the Church taught. To Orthodoxy, it is a darkening veil forming over the eyes of Christians and non-believers that denies Orthodox universal truths. It prefers to view people as but mere individuals able to be known only by their responses to environmental surroundings, political situations, or social upbringing – things over which they have no control. This thereby gives one the opportunity to excuse himself from poor choices and accountability. Such over emphasis on individual perspectives, experiences, and emotions, can weaken the all-important, on-going, interaction that exists between one’s soul and body – and the individual person – interacting with Jesus, our Christ. Thus Nominalism can be a stumbling block to what the Lord delivered to the Apostles.

See the attached PDF file for this month's full teaching.

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