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Bishop Thomas Visits Holy Trinity Mission

Lynchburg, Virginia

On May, 29, 2010, His Grace Bishop THOMAS was solemnly received at Vespers service by Father Alban Waggener and the members of Holy Trinity. Following Vespers, His Grace spoke to the members present about his vision for the church and the mission in Lynchburg. He noted that this region of the country is a difficult area to introduce people to Orthodoxy, however, “nothing is impossible with God”. He encouraged everyone to continue to preach the Gospel everywhere they go.

Following Vespers, His Grace joined the mission council for dinner at the Waggener home. Many topics were discussed including the future of the mission in Lynchburg and how it can reach out to others in the community. His Grace is positive about the the Mission and the future of Orthodoxy in Lynchburg.

On Sunday morning, His Grace presided from his throne during the Divine Liturgy. Bishop THOMAS presented the homily in which he stressed the importance of reaching out to friends, coworkers and others with the Gospel of Christ and inviting them to attend services. He also shared his ideas regarding activities of interest to the community and how the Mission can introduce others to Orthodoxy. He stressed the importance of educating children and setting the example for them to follow. After the Liturgy, the children of the mission recited Psalm 23 and the congregation joined in the hymn “"I Sing a Song of the Saints of God”."

His Grace joined all the members at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Rob Pyle for the annual parish picnic. The children and some brave adults enjoyed the swimming pool while others enjoyed listening to His Grace tell stories. Holy Trinity is blessed by the Bishop THOMAS' visit and thanks him for a renewed sense of hope for the future.