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Two Important Stewardship Documents

The department has just released online two very important documents for your parish to download, review, field test and comment on prior to official publication. (Some referenced articles and appendices are still to be released.) These pilot projects should prove vital to your local Stewardship efforts:

A Parish Council Guidebook (PDF)Conducting the work of the Parish Council in a manner consistent with Orthodox Christian teachings and traditions. This manual is a resource for:

  • Instructing Parish Councils on their lay ministry.
  • Training new Parish Council Members.

A Fifty-Two Week Parish Member Giving Campaign (PDF):  A program led by the Parish Council, based on scriptural and church teachings, and not focused on the parish’s financial condition.  Councils can study this Fifty-Two Week model, and then:

  • Implement the full program as outlined; a year-long teaching process.
  • Adapt portions of the program to local parish realities.

Should your parish have any questions, comments or input regarding the new Stewardship webpage or pilot projects, please contact chairman Ron Nicola, as follows:

Email: • Telephone: (925) 934-2004

2020 Blackwood Drive, Walnut Creek, California  94596