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Bishop Basil Mission Endowment Fund

Download Missions Endowment Fund Flyer (PDF)

A note from Judy Stanley:

Dear Fathers: Your blessings. We ask that on November 1st all of our communities kick-off this year's campaign for DOWAMA's Bishop Basil Mission Endowment Fund. Starting on that day and continuing through December 31st, parishioners of our Diocese's fifty-one congregations will be invited to make contributions to the Endowment Fund and send greetings to Bishop Basil in honor of His Grace's Name's Day - the feast of St. Basil the Great on January 1st. In the near future each congregation will be provided with a 'community card' for all of its parishioners to sign and other details about the campaign, so be sure to appoint someone to coordinate this campaign in your parish soon. It is important to remember that all checks from your parishioners intended as contributions to the Endowment Fund must be made payable to your local parish. Then before January 31st your treasurer is to draw one parish check (made payable to "DOWAMA FSJD" and ear-marked "Mission Endowment Fund") for the total amount collected and mail it together with your parish's 'community card' to Dr. Kent Murray, treasurer of DOWAMA's Fellowship of Saint John the Divine, at the following address:

St. George Cathedral
7515 East 13th Street Wichita,
KS 67206-1223
Attn: Dr Kent Murray

Questions? Contact me at Thank you for supporting this annual fundraising campaign to assist the missions of our Diocese.

In Christ,
Judy (Mrs. Patrick) Stanley