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December 2010 Newsletter: Upon the High and Spiritual Thrones

Dear Friend of St. Athanasius Academy:

As I write, we approach a day most familiar - CHRISTMAS. And yet, if we meditate upon the meaning of the wondrous joy welling up inside, we also find a sense of unanswered mystery. As we anticipate the coming celebration of the birth of our Lord God and Savior, it is hard not to wonder how we can adequately celebrate His birth.

It is strange and beyond comprehension. Yet, real and very physical. He, the Pantocrator, choose to be born to a family of little honor, unbeknown and no wealth, with an earthly step-father. Yet, it is the beginning of His Promised Incarnation - the anticipated age of the ages. This babe in the manger is the very power of the Promise of our renewed beginning – a redeeming of our lost relationship with Him and a reopening of Paradise to those made in His likeness and image.

See the attached PDF file for this month's full teaching.

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