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Two DOWAMA Deacons Tonsured as Monks

Fr. Benedict and Fr. MarkFr. Benedict and Fr. MarkHis Grace Bishop Basil writes:

With the blessing of Metropolitan Philip, Deacon Mark Berge and Subdeacon Joshua Armitage were tonsured rasophore monks (called "the beginning of the holy schema" and "the angelic estate") on the feast of St. Ignatius of Antioch - Monday, December 20th, 2010. Assisting me at the service, which was served in the Chancery's domestic chapel of St. Raphael, was Hieromonk Jeremy (Davis), second priest at St. Elijah Church in Oklahoma City, OK. Deacon Mark is now known as Hierodeacon Mark (his patron being changed from Venerable Mark the Ascetic to the Hieromartyr Mark of Arethusa), and Subdeacon Joshua is now known as Father Benedict (his patron being Venerable Benedict of Nursia). Father Benedict ( remains as synkellos at the Chancery, and Hierodeacon Mark ( remains assigned to St. Luke Church in Erie, CO. As in the Service of Tonsure, "Let us all say for them, 'Lord, have mercy!'"