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AURORA, OR (11/19/10) -- today announced the launch of a download store for the sale of liturgical chant in MP3 download format. This web implementation will offer the first ever availability of a single comprehensive offering of liturgical chant for download to enable files to be played on computers and more importantly, MP3 players like i-Pod, Zune, etc. All tracks for download will be offered in the highest MP3 quality format available. currently offers the largest collection of physical CDs of liturgical music on the web, concentrating on Byzantine, Russian and other Eastern Christian chant forms, as well as a variety of Western Christian chant. The decision to implement MP3 download capability was made after watching demographic trends, and also surveying its own customer base this summer. Increasing percentages of classical music fans are purchasing music downloads, and over 45% of's customers indicated an affirmative interest.

The sale of MP3 downloads is a new distribution model that has caused challenges to the music industry, but is here to stay. It requires labels to enter into a different contractual arrangement with the seller, as the recently announced agreement between The Beatles Apple Records and i-Tunes illustrates. is launching its download store with a range of artists from small, independent to large, international labels, all of whom recognize the change in music sales and want to be a part as well as support their fans who prefer to purchase music this way.

Artists include: Romeiko Ensemble, Fr. Apostolos Hill, Divna with the Melodi Choir, L. Angelopoulos and the Greek Byzantine Choir, Cappella Romana, the Sacred Treasures series, Pres. Katerina Makiej, Seraphim Six, St. John of San Francisco Men's Chorale, The Monks of Simonopetra Monastery, and Gregorian chant CDs from the Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos--also included are small church choirs like The Byzantine Choir of St. George Cathedral, St. Mark of Ephesus Byzantine Choir, The Byzantine Choir of Ogiditria, The Chanters of St. Lawrence, All Saints of America Mission Choir, Cherubika, Anaphora, The Choir of Sts. Constantine & Elena Orthodox Church, and St. Seraphim Orthodox Choir. More recordings are scheduled to be added.

The majority of sacred music devotees are probably not listening to chant on MP3 players, but it is a growing demographic and this offering allows to meet the preferred purchase model of those customers, as well as offer a comprehensive selection of high quality MP3 downloads for sale.

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