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Department of Planning and Development Meets at Archdiocese Headquarters

On October 28th the Department of Planning and Development met under the guidance of Metropolitan Philip and Economos Antony Gabriel in order to map out the future strategies. Metropolitan Philip opened the meeting with remarks regarding the spiritual value of money in context of the Scripture and the up building of God’s Holy Church. Those who were in attendance came from all over the country. Present were: Kh. Lynn Gabriel, Stephen Adams, Peter Dacales, Khalil Kardous, Michael Karolle, Sameh Khouzam, Paul Mokhiber, Philip Saliba and Archdeacon Emile Sayegh. Unable to attend were David Ghiz, Robert Laham, Albert Mokhiber and Justin Sayfie.

The following subjects were addressed:

  • Grants and Foundations for the Village
  • Future Trusts to perpetuate the financial stability of the Archdiocese.
  • Outreach out to former Antiochian Village Campers
  • Set up a fundraiser (Person of the Year) to benefit the Village

Why do we have the Department of Planning and Development?... for the simple reason to spread the word of the “one, holy and apostolic church”. In this present day society it takes prayer, faith and monetary resources to spread the work of the church. The rich and the poor together can join hands to expand the vision of the church which has been handed down to us from those who were “first called Christians in Antioch”. We do not want to hand down to our children a dusty museum piece but rather the dynamic and life transforming faith. The reality is that it takes us, our talents and our monetary resources to make this happen, that is, a vision for the future.

The Department of Planning and Development has a goal to reach over $5 million dollars in endowments over the next five years. In October the Department held its first meeting at the headquarters in Englewood. Metropolitan Philip encouraged all participants with his thoughts. He not only inspired us with his speech but afterward showed his hospitality by hosting a delicious luncheon. All were moved by his kindness and generosity. He has instructed Chairman, Economos Antony Gabriel, to educate all of us on this project, as well as to transmit the vision and goals of the Archdiocese in North America.

Charitable giving is the foundation of our Archdiocese. With your monetary contributions the work of the Church thrives and grows. The Department of Planning and Development needs your help in bettering the effort of the Antiochian Village. The Village is in need of many improvements for our children. The Village is also in need of developing its monastic and convent facilities.

Make giving a part of your overall estate plan. It is a good idea for you (it is charitable and tax deductible) and it is a good idea for the future of the Church. How much do you give in any specific year and what organizations do you want to benefit? Make your donation to the Archdiocese a priority. With your help we can accomplish this.

Former Village campers have been positively molded by their experience at the summer programs. They are, also, called to help articulate the vision of the church in North America.

We are contacting interested individuals and foundations in making this vision a reality. Won’t you be a part of this dream?

This Department will outline details for exciting new programs in the future. The Chairman will be making visitations to the various parishes and regional conventions to explain future goals of this Archdiocese and plans for upcoming generations.

Please contact the Department of Planning and Development at any time with your encouraging ideas and donations.


In Christ,

Denyse Marino
Secretary to the Chairman

Economos Antony Gabriel - Chairman

Stephen Q. Adams, Peter Dacales, David Ghiz, Khalil E. Kardous, Michael R. Karolle, Robert H. Laham, Albert Mokhiber, Paul Mokhiber, Philip Saliba, Justin Sayfie.