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2011 Camp St. Raphael Applications Available Online

Camp St. Raphael 2011 is ready for application!!!!  

Please find attached to this email three applications:  Camper, CIT and Staff applications, the Check List and the Parent Booklet have been sent to the youth advisors and are online at

Here is how the process works:

  1. Camper applications are accepted on a first come bases
  2. Staff and CIT applications are due by March 1st
  3. Once campers are accepted they are then emailed the health form and transportation form
  4. The Early Bird Tuition is $300 if all forms are FULLY completed and returned to us by May 1
  5. Regular tuition is $325
  6. This year there is a $10 airport fee per camper who is flying to CSR

This month, each DOWAMA parish will receive a St. Ignatius Scholarship Form.  For more information on the St. Ignatius Scholarship, please inquire at your local parish.  

If you have any questions or need further information please let me know. 

In Christ,

Gayle Malone