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Information for Creative Festival Chairs and Coordinators

February 10, 2011

The following documents are the results of the Department of Christian Educations Creative Festivals Review Meeting in January 2011, and are intended for Creative Festivals Chairpersons and Coordinators. The revised eligibility requirements and judging rubrics are intended for evaluation in 2011 and implementation in 2012. For more background, please refer to the first document, Introduction to January 2011 Meeting.

May 6, 2011

View or download a PowerPoint presentation regarding revisions to the Creative Festivals


All attached documents are in Word format.

Introduction to January 2011 Meeting31.5 KB
Creative Festivals Eligibility Requirements 1-30-1135 KB
Art Rubric 2-1-1140 KB
Photography Rubric 2-1-1139 KB
Poetry Rubric 2-1-1139.5 KB
Writing Rubric 2-1-1141 KB
Job Descriptions 2-1-1130 KB
2012 Art Rubric40.5 KB
2012 Photography Rubric41.5 KB
2012 Poetry Rubric41 KB
2012 Writing Rubric41 KB
2012 Eligibility Requirements33 KB
2012 Christian Education Coordinator Description11.65 KB
2012 Creative Festivals Chairperson Description14.27 KB
2012 Church School Director Description11.87 KB
2012 Festival Coordinator Description12.52 KB
2012 Job Descriptions35 KB
2012 Awarding20 KB