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St. Silouan the Athonite + September 24

O chosen ascetic and earthly angel of Christ, all-blessed father Silouan, most excellent emulator of the fathers of Athos in vigils, fasting and humility! Through thy thirst for God and burning love for Him thou didst acquire abundant grace for thy soul, O most blessed one. Imitating Christ, thou didst crucify thyself with tearful prayer for those languishing in hades, for the living and for those yet to come. Of this thy love deprive us not, who amid the vale of sin ask thine intercession before God and cry out with compunction: Rejoice, O father Silouan, inextinguishable burning of love in thy prayer for the world!

-from the Akathist to St. Silouan

Apolytikion of St. Silouan in Tone 3, arr. by His Grace Bishop Basil Essey (PDF)
Akathist to St. Silouan (PDF)
Responses for Akathist to St. Silouan (PDF)