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St. Vladimir's Seminary Summer Programs Announced

[SVOTS Communications/Yonkers, NY] Besides its annual offering of an Iconography Workshop and the Diaconal Liturgical Practicum, St. Vladimir’s Seminary is adding to its June 2011 summer programs two specialized workshops: one addressing Internet pornography and one examining missiology. Additionally, it will host a major conference, “Women Disciples of the Lord,” which is open to women and men. The seminary invites participants to explore all of its upcoming summer programs:

June 7-8: Missiology and Evangelism Workshop: outreach to people of African heritage and Spanish-speaking cultures; led by Fr. Moses Berry of St. Louis, Missouri, and Fr. Antonio Perdomo of Pharr, Texas.

June 9-11: Workshop on Internet Pornography and Chastity: a dual focus workshop for pastors, youth ministers, and educators, concerning 1) pastoral counseling for adults with Internet pornography problems; and 2) chastity for youth and young adults; led by Dr. Albert Rossi.

June 17-19: Women Disciples of the Lord: an exploration of the potential ministries of Orthodox Christian women within the home, the parish, the workplace, and society to build up Christ’s Church. Co-coordinators, Tanya Penkrat,, and Dr. Peter C. Bouteneff,, are inviting feedback to help shape the conference.

June 19-23: 5th Annual Diaconal Liturgical Practicum: practical liturgical training for deacons and lay diaconal candidates, supported by celebration of liturgical services and intensive workshops; led by Archdeacon Kirill Sokolov, Fr. Sergius Halvorsen, and seminary faculty.

June 19-24: Iconography Workshop: training for aspiring and experienced iconographers in the egg tempera Russo-Byzantine style of iconography, addressing both technique and a prayerful approach to this spiritual art; led by Protodeacon Nazari Polataiko.

For further information on all these summer programs, visit the St. Vladimir's website, e-mail, or call 914-961-8313 X351.