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Ancient Faith Radio Announces Survey Results

Bobby Maddex, AFR Operations ManagerBobby Maddex, AFR Operations ManagerAncient Faith Radio Operations Manager Bobby Maddex, reports on results from their recent listener survey: 

Thanks so much for participating in the 2011 Ancient Faith Radio (AFR) listener survey. We had a record number of respondents and learned so much about who you are and how you use our radio station. For example, we discovered that a sizable portion of our listening audience (11.1%) is comprised of Orthodox inquirers. We learned that most of you (52.4%) listen to AFR for our podcasts, and that in addition to our beloved daily features—The Path, Saint of the Day, and Coffee Cup Commentaries—the most popular of these programs are Speaking the Truth in Love, The Illumined Heart, At the Intersection of East and West, Frederica Here and Now, and The Names of Jesus. And we discovered that most of you (56.1%) initially heard about the station from either a friend or a search engine. Here are a few of the other things we learned (top answers only):

What is your Orthodox jurisdiction?

Antiochian 31.0%

OCA 24.3%

Greek 20.1%

ROCOR 6.1%

Russian 5.4%

What is your age group?

12-24 8.2%

25-34 20.6%

35-44 21.6%

45-54 21.6%

55-64 21.6%

Are you a convert to Orthodoxy or cradle Orthodox?

Convert 72.9%

Cradle 27.1%

As helpful as these findings indeed are, your answers to the open-ended questions have been even more useful. Chiefly, we learned that you wanted some major changes to our streaming talk station: a larger variety of talk programs, no music, and more frequent program updates. So numerous were the requests along these lines, in fact, that we decided to respond immediately, upgrading our automation system and implementing the improvements you suggested. The new version of AFR Talk premiered on Friday, January 28, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the new format.

Of course, the very best part about conducting a survey like this is hearing about the ways in which Ancient Faith Radio has affected your lives. Permit me to share with you one such response:

I listen nearly every day on my iPod while running. AFR has had an incredible life-changing impact on me. I have been listening for 1 1/2 years. My wife is now beginning to listen to select items I suggest. Frankly, our Protestant faith is being turned on its head by the "discovery" of the ancient faith of Orthodox Christianity, and AFR has and does play a major role in that turning. Christ is in our midst in ways we have longed for our entire lives! Thank you for the vision to begin AFR. Only God knows the life-changing impact it is having in the hearts of your listeners. May God continue to bless and expand this ministry by your efforts.

How amazing—and humbling! Again, we are so thankful for your participation in our most recent listener survey. If you have additional comments or questions, don’t wait until next year to let us know. As always, please feel free to email me anytime at God bless!