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A Message from DOWAMA Missionary Katy Wilcoxson

DOWAMA's diocesan missionary in Tanzania Katy Wilconxson, daughter of Fr. Aidan and Kh. Cynthia of St. John the Forerunner in Cedar Park, TX - sends us the following note:

"Master, bless!  I am very privileged to be a daughter of DOWAMA!  I am overwhelming thankful for the generous donation of $1,000.00 the Diocese's Clergy Brotherhood has donated to my support fund through the OCMC!!  I am grateful for and humbled by our Diocese's continued support while we are beginning the medical ministry here in Tanzania.  It is amazing how exciting these past seven months have been.  I am so grateful also for the Diocese's continued prayers for my teammates and me.  Thank you, holy fathers of the DOWAMA Clergy Brotherhood, for asking my dad about me and for asking how things are going here.  Please visit my website and share with your parish about the ministry beginning in Tanzania!  My personal website page is and my OCMC profile page is   In Christ's Everlasting Love, Katie Wilcoxson."