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Prayers for Victims of Japanese Earthquake

The Orthodox Cathedral in Sendai, JapanThe Orthodox Cathedral in Sendai, JapanUpdate: Orthodox Church in Japan Assesses Needs of Survivors, Searches for Missing Priest

The faithful of the Antiochian Archdiocese wish to offer their fervent prayers on behalf of those suffering from Friday's earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

IOCC Stands Ready to Offer Aid Following Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

Via his grace Bishop Basil, some information regarding the Orthodox community in Japan from Maria Matsushima Junko:

We appreciate your love and prayer. I received many emails from friends.

Nagoya, where I live is all fine. But northern Japan are suffered much. Vladika Seraphim of Sendai called Tokyo office by his cell phone and said that the cathedral in Sendai is safe, but he cannot contact with parishioners or recognize situation and damage of his territory, as telephone and electricity stopped. There are many small churches and chapels there and many brothers and sisters. Fr. Vasili is old and sick, living near coast.

TV says Tsunami is still coming to the coasts. And earthquake happens in the other area.  A nuclear power station has trouble, and people worry about radiation affect.

Holy Resurrection Cathedral in Tokyo.Holy Resurrection Cathedral in Tokyo.In Tokyo, Fr. John says in the Holy Resurrection Cathedral [Nikolaido], damage is not so big, some lampada glass and other items were broken. Still aftershock shaking continues.

Please add in your prayer the people who suffered by this disaster.

In Christ,