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Orthodox Groups Co-Sponsor Health Care Conference

A groundbreaking medical conference, "Health Care in a Secular Culture: The Conscience of Physicians & Nurses at Risk," will be held during Bright Week, April 29-30. An ecumenical effort co-sponsored by Houston Baptist University, Pope John Paul II Forum, University of St. Thomas, Orthodox Clergy Association of Southeast Texas, and Touchstone Magazine, the series of meetings will feature Orthodox medical ethicist Dr H. Tristram Engelhardt, Jr.

"What determines the scope of 'health care rationing'?" asks Antiochian priest Fr. Joseph Huneycutt. "These and a host of other issues fall under the scope of Bioethics. Given the current challenge -- and the challenge of the future -- all of us should be concerned and involved. What are the issues? What is at stake? What (or WHO) determines our stance?"

Held at Houston Baptist University, the conference general registration is $50, clergy registration is $30, and student registration is $30. Registration includes admission to a day-and-a-half conference of panels, breakouts, and discussions, including three plenary addresses. Go here for more information and to register.