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OCMC Issues Call for Medical Missionaries

By Andrew Lekos

St. Augustine, FL--Medical personnel are needed to conduct medical clinics and offer health instruction on OCMC Teams in 2011. Especially needed are doctors in Uganda and nurses in Tanzania. Most communities around the world do not have access to basic medical care or instruction, nor do they have the opportunity to visit with a physician or receive regular medical attention.

OCMC health care teams travel to regions where most clinics are set up in church buildings, existing health care facilities, schools or outside in remote locations that often do not have access to electricity. Stacy Loejos, a nurse on the health care team to Uganda in 2010, which treated over 3800 patients, reported how the team learned and applied “field medicine”: “Though overwhelmed at times, our team became a well oiled machine, learning from each day and applying it to the next, as the unending line s of people explained their many ailments to us.” She explains, “I was using my God given talents to help those in need, and that however small, we would somehow change their lives for the better.”

Participating on a health care outreach team, you will help treat various common illnesses found in other parts of the world - malaria, parasites and other tropical diseases. Medical personnel participate in an outreach of the local Church to heal the sick, care for the poor and needy and offer a living witness of Christ as our Lord and Savior.

The Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC) offers two Health Care Mission Team opportunities in 2011. A Team to Uganda will minister to various communities in the Kampala area and a remote region in western Uganda, June 11-26. The Team to Tanzania will serve in an area around the Metropolis center of Mwanza and work with the long-term OCMC Health Care missionaries who serve there, October 4-16.

OCMC invites you to join this holistic ministry that offers both tangible and spiritual benefits to people as you offer primary health care where access is limited. For more information on how to apply, please visit our website, or email us at