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Early Bird Registration for 2011 DOWAMA PLC Ends May 15

A note form Fr. Daniel Bethancourt of St. Nicholas in Shreveport, LA:  "Christ is risen!  Please remember that PLC Early Bird Registration ends this Sunday, May 15th.  The brothers might consider announcing that in their parishes this Sunday.  Registration may be done online at  Thank you!  Forgive me, Priest Daniel"  Father Daniel may be contacted at

A note from Dr. Nada Farah, president of DOWAMA's Fellowship of St John the Divine:  "Dear Bishop Basil:  Christ is risen!  Please remind our clergy that 2011 PLC Parish Delegate/Report Forms are to be returned to me ASAP at   These forms as needed so that we can have accurate reporting of Diocesan statistics duringthe General Assembly at the PLC in Shreveport next month.  I have received only 15 of 50.  Thank you.  Yours in Christ, Nada"