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Fellowship of St. John's Prayer Garden Takes Shape at the Village

You wouldn’t think it would be possible to make the Antiochian Village even more beautiful than it already is, but the NAC Special Projects Committee is trying. Nestled just off of the main track visitors will now find a newly installed Prayer Garden, designed around a simple theme. A stone pathway encircling the central area leads to an icon shrine dedicated to St. John the Divine, patron saint of the NAC Fellowship. Inside the mulch-covered central area, a single dogwood tree stands. In the large mulch area outside the pathway are stone benches, a few plants, and room to expand!

This Prayer Garden sprang to life through a combination of Fellowship planning, a Boy Scout working hard to give something back to a place he loves through his Eagle Scout Project, a team of volunteers who offered up sweat and hard work, and the Grace of God. 

A planting in this prayer garden is a lovely way to honor, remember, or pray for someone you care about. For a donation that will just cover the cost of materials, the NAC Fellowship will take care of all the details.Factoring in the level of donation, the time of year, and the overall look of the Prayer Garden’s expansion area, our volunteers will work with a local landscaper to find just the right plant. Perhaps a butterfly bush, a rose bush, or a lilac would be your choice to commemorate your loved one. A stone bearing the name of the person honored will be placed beside the plant, and the donor will receive a small token of thanks from the NAC Fellowship of St. John the Divine.

Please watch your church bulletin for pricing and ordering information once those details are finalized. Information will also be available at Parish Life Conferences and the Archdiocese Convention this summer.

Help us to continue the work!

NAC Special Projects Committee