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Holy Cross Orthodox Press Releases Krindatch Atlas

The premier researcher of American Orthodoxy, Alexei Krindatch, has released a comprehensive volume which includes data on all Orthodox Churches (including Oriental) in the United States. Supplemented with numerous maps, current and historical facts, Atlas of American Orthodox Christian Churches is published by Holy Cross Orthodox Press and was co-sponsored by SCOBA and the Virginia Farah Foundation. In addition to full coverage of all American jurisdictions, the Atlas includes an additional chapter which profiles all American monastic communities.

The press release explains, "The Atlas provides a 'snapshot' of the Orthodox Christian Churches in the United States...Simultaneously, this book is an atlas, a reference book and a thematic monograph. It is an atlas because it contains numerous maps to show the historical development and present territorial patterns of Orthodox Church life in America. It is a reference book because it furnishes comprehensive information and statistical data on all American Orthodox Christian Churches. It is a thematic monograph because the essays in this book tell the story of the Orthodox Christian past and present in the United States."

Listen to the AFR interview with Alexei.

Browse a sample of the book's text and maps.

Read the full announcement of the book's release.