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Good Guys Wear Black Website Launched for Prospective Priests

June 1, 2011 – Today marks the launch of a unique new website in the Orthodox Christian world: Good Guys Wear Black.

“This is a vocations website,” says Fr. John A. Peck, the designer and maintainer of the site. “It is geared specifically for young men discerning a calling. There is almost no other information out there to help them discern, to show them how to think about such a vocation. Good Guys Wear Black fills that void.”

The site contains a multitude of challenging and provocative articles about the Holy Priesthood, pastoral work, front line challenges in parish ministry, and more. Information about the life, education, formation and struggles of taking on the Priesthood of Christ will be a regular feature. There are sections on each of the seminaries and theological schools which will hopefully expand with the cooperation of each school. A workbook for prospective theological students, to help them better discern their calling, will be available shortly.

Good Guys Wear Black is one of several websites built and maintained for general use by the Church by Fr. John A. Peck. Journey To Orthodoxy won last years “Best Domestic Site” award from the Eastern Christian Media awards, and Preachers Institute remains the world’s premier online Orthodox homiletics resource.

Media resources, graphic links, tiles and banners are also available here for inclusion on Orthodox blogs and websites. For more information, contact: Fr. John A. Peck at 928-777-8750 or