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Rt. Rev. Archimandrite Daniel Keller

Fr. Daniel Keller was born August 9, 1940 in Baltimore, MD. He attended Roman Catholic elementary school and high school and Towson State University in the same city. He graduated on June 10, 1962 with a BS in education. After graduation he taught social sciences and English on the secondary and college level while doing graduate work in history at Towson State and Morgan State Universities in Baltimore as well as taking theology courses at St Mary’s Seminary and University in the same city. He is fluent in English.

In 1978 he entered Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology in Brookline, MA, as a student of the Melkite Diocese. In 1980 after completing two years of study, Fr. Daniel took a one-year leave of absence from Holy Cross. During this year’s leave, after much prayer and reflection, and being convinced of the truth of the Orthodox faith, he was received into the Orthodox Church at St. Mary’s in Hunt Valley, MD on Orthodox Sunday, 1981. At St. Mary’s he served as chanter and coordinator of Christian education and later as sub-deacon.

In the fall of 1981, with the blessing of Metropolitan PHILIP, he returned to Holy Cross as a student for the Archdiocese. He finished his studies at Holy Cross in May, 1982 and graduated with a Masters of Divinity (cum laude). He had, in the mean time, been ordained to the holy diaconate on Pascha (April 18) 1982 by Metropolitan PHILIP at St. Nicholas Cathedral, NY. He was subsequently ordained to the holy priesthood on June 27, 1982, at the New England Parish Life Conference hosted by St. Mary’s of Pawtucket, Rhode Island, by Archbishop MICHAEL of blessed memory.

Following his ordination to the holy priesthood, he served as interim priest at St George Church in Lowell, MA, after which he was assigned as assistant to Fr. James Meena at St George Church in Cleveland, OH. At St George’s he worked primarily with the youth and young adults of the parish, as well as in adult education. After one year at St George’s, he was transferred to the pastorate of St John Chrysostom in Fort Wayne, Indiana. During his time at St. John’s the parish made a number of improvements to the interior of the church and began developing plans for the expansion of their church and the construction of a parish hail and education wing. After three years service at St. John’s he was transferred to Holy Spirit in Huntington, WA. During his tenure at Holy Spirit many converts were received in to Holy Orthodoxy. The parish also undertook the renovation and expansion of its fellowship hall. After eleven and one half years at Holy Spirit Fr. Daniel was transferred to St George parish in Upper Darby, PA. During the 80th anniversary of the parish, in May of 1999, he was elevated to the rank of Archimandrite by Bishop ANTOUN.

After four years at St George’s he was transferred to Our Lady of Walsingham Church in Mesquite, TX, where he currently serves as pastor. During his two and a half years here, many new members have been received in to Holy Orthodoxy. Also during his tenure the parish purchased a larger church building, in 2005.