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Rt. Rev. Archimandrite Michel Boghos

Fr. Michel Boghos, of Lebanon, was born in Latakia on Dec 20, 1950 to a committed Orthodox family, from whom he learned to love the church. He attended high school at the Orthodox National School in his hometown, where he was as any normal youth, an active one in the church, by which his love of the church grew. After finishing the high school, he joined the Syrian University to study Mathematics. But after one year, he left to join Balamand University in Lebanon to study Orthodox theology. His passion was to study theology so that he could continue serving the church community in the best way, but without any intention for ordination out of fear that this might be youthful enthusiasm and not a calling from God. He received his Master of Divinity degree in 1975. Between 1976 and 1979, he went for two years for Post Graduate studies in Thessalonica, Greece, for which each year he had to prepare four subjects as per the University curriculum, and then prepare an Old Testament Ph.D thesis on the religion reform of King Josiah.

Based on the order of His Beatitude Ignatius IV (who was newly elevated), he returned to Lebanon in 1979 to start teaching The Holy Bible in the Theology Dept. at Balamand University, until 1996. During these times, he traveled to Rome in 1985 for a year to study Ancient Languages (Greek and Hebrew), and in 1987 he traveled to France where he was ordained as deacon on September 26, 1987 by the Most Reverend Gabriel, Metropolitan of Paris and Western Europe. On May 1, 1989, Fr. Michel was ordained as a priest, and in 1995 was elevated to Archimandrite by His Beatitude Ignatius IV.

Between November 1996 and July 2001, he served as a priest for the Orthodox parish in Guatemala. From there he went to Argentina, where he served as the Dean for St. George Church in the capital, and as Vicar General of the most Reverend Metropolitan Orthodox of Argentina. Since Dec 27, 2003 he has served as a pastor in St. Joseph Orthodox Church in New Westminster, Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. He is fluent in Arabic, Spanish, Greek, French and English.