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Seminarian Special Tray Offering is this Sunday, March 9

Every year on the Sunday of Orthodoxy during Lent, a special tray offering is conducted for all Antiochian Seminarians.

A significant portion of the funding that is required by the Archdiocese comes from the assessments and Special Trays which are paid by each parish to the Archdiocese on an annual basis.

Beginning in 2006, the Archdiocese implemented a new Proportional Giving System for parish contributions. With this new system, a parish contributes a percentage of the total parish income that it realized in the previous year. Certain allowable deductions (such as mortgage payments and charitable contributions) are subtracted from the total income before the percentage calculation is made. The percentage that is currently in effect is 10%. Under the new system, parishes with fewer than 50 baptized souls are expected to contribute, but missions remain exempt.

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