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Ven. Anthony of the Caves

Ven. Anthony of the Caves

Ven. Anthony of the Kiev Caves – July 10

Troparion of St Anthony Tone 4

Thou didst leave the tumult of the world to follow Christ according to the Gospel; thou didst lead a life equal to the Angels and reach the haven of Mount Athos. From thence with thy fathers' blessing thou didst illumine thy fatherland at Kiev, where thou didst lead a multitude of monks along the path to Christ and His kingdom. Pray to Him, O Saint Anthony, that He may save our souls.

Kontakion of St Anthony Tone 8

Thou didst surrender to God, having loved Him from thy childhood, and follow Him with all thy heart and soul, O Saint Anthony. Thou didst despise worldly goods and live in a cave in the earth, fighting the good fight against the wiles of the enemy. Having illumined the ends of the earth thou didst fly rejoicing to heaven where thou dost stand among the Angels before the throne of God; remember us who honour thee that we may cry: Rejoice, O Anthony our Father.