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SOYO Leadership Manual Now Available

The 2011 SOYO Leadership Manual is now available from the Department of Youth Ministry. These valuable manuals are packed with resources to help leaders of youth groups with all the details of managing the SOYO year and SOYO programs. They also provide space for each local SOYO to add in its materials.

You may order your manual while supplies last by sending a check in the amount of $35 plus $10 shipping charge (weight 4 lbs) to:

The Department of Youth Ministry

PO Box 389

Westwood MA 02090

Please make checks payable to the “Department of Youth Ministry” and provide your complete name and mailing address.

The manual includes information on and tabs for:

  •  Addresses – SOYO Directory
  •  Bible Bowl/Oratorical
  •  Constitutions
  •  Corrrespondence
  •  Financial Reports
  •  Great Friday Vigil
  •  Minutes
  •  Nominations and Elections
  •  Orthodox Christian Coalition for Healthy Youth
  •  Outreach – Good Samaritan – Y.E.S.
  •  Purity Virginity Chastity
  •  Reports
  •  Special Olympics Awareness Day and Program
  •  Youth Month – October
  •  Youth Worker Education
  •  Notes Section