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Institute of Orthodox Christian Studies Enrolling Students For October

Would you like to study Orthodox Theology and the history of the Orthodox Church from the comfort of your own home?

Are you in full time employment or live in remote areas and you cannot afford the time and money to travel to Orthodox Theological Schools, but you wish to receive a high quality university education in Orthodox Theology?

Then the IOCS Distance Learning Program is for you. We are the Institute of Orthodox Christian Studies, specializing in high quality and advanced Orthodox Studies for 10 years now, being situated in Cambridge, UK.

All our Distance Learning study material (in English) is provided at the start of the study and is for a low all-inclusive fee, payable at the start of each module.

Here is what one of our distance learners has to say about our program:

 "Here is an opportunity to take classes offered by one of the world's finest and most respected universities and to enjoy them in the comfort  of your own home and at a time that fits your schedule. You will actually see and hear world class theologians and biblical scholars lecturing in a classroom setting. You will experience, through chat rooms or Skype, lively interactions with intelligent, well-informed tutors who will guide you through the materials presented in the lectures. Most importantly, you will experience all of this in a supportive and caring environment that encourages questions and thoughtful discussion."

Learn more through our main website and access our Distance Learning Portal (with free access to many of our On Line Library Videos).

The Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies

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