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Bishop Thomas' Pastoral Visit to St. Elias, New Castle, PA

His Grace Bishop Thomas visits St. EliasHis Grace Bishop Thomas visits St. EliasHis Grace, Bishop Thomas visited Saint Elias in New Castle, PA on the weekend of August 19-21. Sayidna made pastoral calls with Father Kevin Gregory to see a couple of parishioners. He also visited with the children of the parish, ate a meal in the parish hall with the parish council and some guests, and went to nearby Holy Transfiguration Monastery and visited with the nuns there.

The kids sang a song that they learned while attending Vacation Church School the week prior to His Grace's visit. While visiting with him, the kids were given the opportunity to ask Sayidna questions.

One of the high points of the visit was the hierarchical Divine Liturgy. Bishop Thomas' sermon was inspiring, challenging us all to take our faith seriously and to bring our friends and family to the faith.

Fr. Kevin Gregory Long and the parish community are thankful to Bishop Thomas for his prayerful and paternal love and care for us. We eagerly look forward to his next visit with us.