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Bishop Thomas visits St. George in Upper Darby, PA

Bishop Thomas visits St. George in Upper Darby, PABishop Thomas visits St. George in Upper Darby, PAHis Grace Bishop Thomas visited the faithful of the parish of St. George Upper Darby October 17-18, 2011. On Saturday the 17th His Grace had breakfast with the Sunday school and SOYO and then answered their questions for an hour and a half. He then stayed at the Church and had a wonderful lunch with the Ladies Society and spoke to them about the new bishops and about all the work they do at St. George. He encouraged them to continue to work with Fr. Joel and to invite people to the church and grow the parish.

Saturday night Bishop Thomas presided over the Vespers service and then joined the Parish Council for a delightful dinner. They were joined by members and prospective members of the Order of St. Ignatius, as well as members of Fr. Joel and Kh. Renee's families.

On Sunday His Grace served the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy and he spoke of the need to bear our cross openly in the world. Since he was elevating Fr. Joel to the rank of Archpriest he took the time to explain that the cross Fr. Joel was being invested with was not simply a reward, but was an expectation of the work he, and the parish, must do in bringing the Gospel to the people of Upper Darby and Philadelphia. That the cross represented the responsibility of the faithful to proclaim Christ to everyone, and the need to be active in the life of faith.

At the end of Liturgy Bishop Thomas raised Fr. Joel to the rank of Archpriest, and then welcomed two new members into the order of St. Ignatius, Kh. Renee Gillam, and Mr. Riad Attar. Everyone got a chuckle when His Grace remarked that it was the first time he could remember elevating one of the priests, giving him a cross to wear, and then bestowing an Order cross on the khouriya on the same day.

Then a luncheon was held in the Hall in honor of Bishop Thomas and Fr. Joel. The parishioners outdid themselves in hospitality and the day was enjoyed by all. We look forward to Bishop Thomas' visiting us again.