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Bishop Thomas Meets With Students at Beginning of OCF's Orthodox Awareness Month

Bishop Thomas with Kansas college studentsBishop Thomas with Kansas college studentsBrookline, MA -- October 11, 2011

Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) presents October as Orthodox Awareness Month, an OCF effort to foster awareness of Orthodoxy and educate students on college campuses across North America.

Throughout the month of October, OCF chapters are encouraged to set up informational tables on campus, offer Orthodoxy 101 sessions, host speakers and facilitate intriguing chapter events, which feature a church service or religious discussion as well as fellowship.

"Liturgy, translated as 'the work of the people,' is not limited to the church building," says John Mahfouz, National Programs Director. "For Orthodox Christians, our call is to leave the church and continue the 'Divine Work' of bringing Christ to others; of sharing the sweetness of His love which is found in the teachings of our Holy Fathers, with those around us. For a College Student, the Liturgy continues on campus!"

Students and OCF advisers are encouraged to download the Orthodox Awareness Month Guidebook, which contains a step-by-step guide to tabling on campus, potential Orthodox 101 session topics, chapter event ideas, and OCF North American Programs, as well as the OCF logo and other resources. Also included is a packet entitled, "Presenting Orthodoxy," containing helpful facts about Orthodoxy and the answers to frequently asked questions.

As a prelude to this special month, on Thursday, September 29, 2011, Bishop Thomas of the Antiochian Archdiocese, who also leads the Youth Committee of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops in North and Central America, visited the OCF at Kansas University in Lawrence, KS. His Grace was spending the week in the Kansas City area in effort to spread the ministry of OCF to more campuses and to offer his love and support to the students, clergy and laity of the area. The OCF chaplain is Fr. Joseph Longofono, and also attending were Fr. Elias Issa, the Chair of the Clergy Brotherhood of Kansas City, Fr. Joshua Lollar of St. Nicholas Church in Lawrence, KS, and Fr. Michael Nasser, OCF's North American Chaplain.