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Project Roots Connects Lebanese Americans with Their Heritage

A new project has been launched to connect Americans of Lebanese origin with their roots, and visitors to can now access information about this effort via a Featured Links button on the homepage. The Project Roots website explains the organization's origin and purpose:

"Offices have been established throughout the United States to assist, FREE of CHARGE, all Americans of Lebanese descent who are interested in:

1. Obtaining their sacramental records from their country of origin;

2. Connecting with family members living in their places of origin and throughout the world

where they emigrated;

3. Obtaining Lebanese citizenship;

4. Obtaining immigration records; and/or,

5. Remaining connected with their Original Mother Church in the US and throughout the world.

Registration maintains the connection of our present and future to our past. The value of registering vital events (birth, marriage, death, etc.) and the ability to take advantage of basic rights go to the heart of perpetuating Lebanese culture, customs, and traditions.

We encourage you, if you are eligible, to act now to take advantage of your birth right as a Lebanese citizen. We also strongly encourage you not to deprive your child(ren) of the benefits and legal rights that Lebanese nationality confers to them: rights of property, rights of inheritance, and political & social rights.

Registration merely provides a continuous record of life events (birth, marriage, death, etc.) in public offices in Lebanon. If you register life events, it does not mean you are giving up any rights to other citizenships you hold."

For full details, visit the Project Roots website.