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Antiochian Historian Searches for Information on Early American Priest

St. Raphael's tombstone, Antiochian VillageSt. Raphael's tombstone, Antiochian VillageAntiochian historian Matthew Namee of the Society for Orthodox History in the Americas (SOCHA), is researching the life of Fr. Moses Abihider. Fr. Moses reposed in 1926 and his name is included in the list of names on St. Raphael's tombstone at Antiochian Village.

Not much is known about this priest from the early 20th century, but Namee and his fellow SOCHA historians want to research this further. Writes Namee, "...he of all people was considered important enough to be buried alongside (and share a tombstone with) Bishop Raphael and Bishop Emmanuel. What distinguished this parish priest? Why was he deemed “worthy” to be buried with two bishops?

We’ll have more on Fr. Moses in the near future."

Matthew requests that readers send any information about Fr. Moses to

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